A History of Caring

When I began attending Northwest Health Careers College in 2001 I knew that I wanted to possess the skills to help people get out of pain. It was my passion then and it has been the guiding force throughout my career!

My practice now solely focuses on pain management. I have a specialized skill set for releasing the pain associated with muscle, nerve, and tendon entrapments. Yes, clients with soft tissue injuries are my favorite ones to work with and I’m extremely good at it.

In 2017 I introduced CBD infused oils and topicals into my massage practice. The results from adding CBD have been truly remarkable. I saw an immediate jump in the treatment effectiveness and the quality of life improvements for my clients.

Pain Release CBD is some of highest quality products in the industry. They are made from raw organic ingredients from Colorado and have verifiable lab results to prove its authenticity.

I have positioned myself to help other licensed massage therapist to have access to these products at greatly reduced prices compared to the competition.